Meal Planning Made Easy

Start your year off right!

Begin by designating time in your week to planning, shopping, and prepping food. Factor in alcohol & holiday consumption, so you set attainable goals. Do this when you are satiated, not hungry. Lower blood sugar can cause us to make poor food choices. Plan for snacks as well, so you stay ahead of calorie dense food cravings. Start with raw foods during your workday, quick & easy breakfasts to eat on the run, proteins to keep your blood sugar stable, and elimination of anything processed. If it can sit on a shelf indefinitely, it has little to no nutritional value.

Breakfast Tips: your brain feeds off of healthy blood sugars, this is the time to get that going. Overnight oats with chia, ground flax, fruit, or chopped nuts. Smoothies with tons of veggies; add only enough fruit to make it palatable. Also a good spot to hide nutritional powders & seeds.

Lunches: hard boiled eggs & cottage cheese in addition to raw foods can get you tons of fiber & proteins to stay ahead of work time dips in energy.

Dinner: cook enough of your favorite meat, protein staple, tofu, etc to make several dinners.  Add it to salads, wraps, yummy bowls, or soup.

Other helpful tips:

Hydration: get a fun new water bottle to ensure half your body weight in oz of water per day. You may count all clear liquids for this month.

Food journal: download a free app that includes fitness (do not start tracking fitness yet).
Consult your doc or a nutritionist regarding supplements & the foods that contain what your body needs. Your body will better absorb what you need through food vs megadoses of expensive supplements.

Keep watching for our monthly tips on small changes for the upcoming year!  May you & your loved ones have a truly wonder-filled holiday season!

Amy Brown BS, PTA, LMT, CSCS

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