Setting Attainable Goals for 1 Month

(3 Months, and the Year, Next Article)

Let’s begin by focusing on the positive! Grab your phone. Stop looking at the social media notifications. OK, grab a pen and paper! Focus, and scribble down some answers to the following questions.
Think of 2 things that were amazing about the past year. Maybe there are even more. What made you most proud of yourself? What were some of the things that worked for nutrition and dietary changes? What were some of the fitness or training things that felt fun, but challenging? What do you like to do outside? What are you passionate about? What were things that definitely did NOT work for you, your body, your schedule?
Now, what would you like to happen this month? Remember, SMALL changes make for a sustainable plan.

1. SLEEP: Can you limit alcohol consumption by half? Our goal is to get better sleep & avoid empty calorie consumption. Make sure you limit caffeine to the first 3 hrs of your day to avoid disrupting sleep.

2. DIET: Begin counting calories in and out. If these numbers are the same, you will maintain weight. If you consume more than you use, you will gain fat. Ignore the guidelines your phone app is giving you for this month. This is a great time to consult a nutritionist on what you should be eating at your activity level. Pay attention to the things you eat that have little nutritional value. Start thinking of food as the building blocks from which every cell is your body is made. Are you building cells out of ingredients you can’t pronounce, or are you building cells out or apples, kale, egg, banana? In other words, things with similar building blocks as your body.

SEEK ASSISTANCE: Schedule an assessment with a professional, like those at ATHENA, someone that specializes in transitioning injuries to full sport. Choose a trainer, PT, or chiro that is active. DO NOT assume they are all qualified to guide you through proper training. Check out credentials, talk to them, email them. They can help you prioritize and limit potential injuries that will cause you to quit.

WORKOUT GOAL: minimum of 30 min to yourself every day. Add 5 min each week this month. It will be 1 hour after this month and through the end of the year. Commit now on your schedule.
Get outside at least 2x/week! Even if it’s just to go for a 30 minute lunchtime walk. Preferably, get out of the city 1x/week.
Start sampling gyms & workouts around your place of work AND home. There are tons of places that allow you a first timer pass. Don’t invest yet, you are just sampling, the goal is to try new things. Be sure to let instructors know about injuries and see if they are able to appropriately modify for you. Schedule time for this 3-4X/week.

Sun: Play outside, go for a 20 min walk, and find classes you want to try that fit into your schedule this month. Try at least 6 different workout locations. Keep your goals in mind. Do things you may actually enjoy, like dance, adult gymnastics, surf lessons, climbing, hiking, a mountain bike lesson, trampoline exercise class, kickboxing, or good ol’ prancercising (see you tube).
Mon-Sat: Attend 4 classes, get outside as able.

4. SELF CARE: Each day, you will take time to breathe and go at least 5 min without looking at your phone. No podcast, or music, just listen to your breathing & let your mind relax/reset. Often, that means, simply NOT taking your phone into the restroom!

Do something you love after a workout, on your first day off from work. Get those “happy” endorphins going after you workout!

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