We collaborate with several climbing gyms around Portland. See below for our active camp!

Our next 8 week group session starts April 2nd at Planet Granite!

Your group training program will kick off with climb & fitness assessments on April 2nd.  We will look at areas of strength as well as areas in need of improvement.  You will be assigned daily corrective exercises, skill drills, strength & conditioning, and climb workouts each week for the next 8 weeks.  We will all meet up again on April 30th for a re-assessment of your climbing to make sure you are progressing injury free.  Attendance for these two assessments in crucial.

$250 for 56 climbing, strength, and conditioning workouts.  Two group climb assessments, plus unlimited video & text support.

We may be able to find answers to questions like "Should I be hang boarding? If so, what protocol do I use?", "What can I climb with this type of injury?", "Why has my climbing plateaued?", "What style of climbing fits my body type?".

If you are more interested in 1:1 assessment & corrective programing, we are happy to schedule that for you as well!