3 Deadlift Variations You Need in Your Training Program

The Deadlift
One of our favorite fundamental movements
Today let’s take a moment to talk about the Deadlift and why it rocks for building strength. This compound movement gives tons of bang for your buck; stronger bones & tissues, increased core stability and strength, stronger glutes (yay!) & posterior chain, and overall development of badass force and power production through your whole body. Also, there are a million and two variations to this lift so whatever equipment you have around you’ll be able to perform this movement in some form. The best part of a deadlift is that it’s basically another name for “pick up the thing” which is something that happens in our lives all day long (kids, shopping bags, moving furniture etc.) so working this pattern in the gym helps us out our daily lives. Proper form is key, the most common mistake I see is going too heavy too fast which puts your body at risk of injury. Take your time, increase the load slowly and have fun.

Here are my 3 favorite deadlift variations and a link for a youtube demo for each one.

Trap Bar Deadlift

Using a trap bar vs a conventional barbell allows your body some wiggle room in form because of the placement of the weight and how you can grab onto the bar. If you’re more comfortable squatting than deadlifting for example, this might be a better set-up for you. Also if barbell deadlift tend to hurt your back, give this version a try!

Trap Bar DL Demo

Kettlebell Deadlift

Don’t have a trap bar or barbell handy? A Kettlebell will do the trick! Make sure with this movement that you are still focusing on a deep hip hinge, less knee up and down movement. Also watch that your shoulders don’t fall forward and in, stick your chest out.

KB DL Demo

Single-Leg Deadlift (SLDL)

This deadlift variation with challenge your balance, core strength and cross-body control, not to mention put your glutes & hammies to work. Start bodyweight and progress to using dumbbells!



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