We are committed to helping you reach your health and wellness goals.

We are committed to help you stay free from injury and perform to your highest potential.

We are committed to improving your climbing skills, returning you to competition from an injury, improving efficiency for your runs, and keeping you healthy while pursuing your dreams.

Amy Lovato BS, PTA, LMT, CSCS

Amy Lovato BS, PTA, LMT, CSCS

Amy’s enthusiasm for life is contagious. She loves her work and it shines through all of her client’s successes. She specializes in helping runners and climbers. Her practice includes athletes of all levels. Each day she works with runners training for their first 5K, elite runners training for marathons, climbers bouldering their first V3, and pro athletes with full sponsorships. Amy has almost 25 years working in sports medicine.  Before starting ATHENA in 2010 she worked in physical therapy for many years. She has traveled and worked with some of the world’s fastest athletes and has worked with Olympians & Olympic hopefuls since she started Athena.

Amy is a licensed Massage Therapist specializing in deep tissue work & sports massage. She is also a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through NCSA. She graduated from Portland State in 2003 after double majoring in Fitness and Health as well as Public Healthcare Administration. She has been a climber for almost 20 years. She received her Physical Therapists’ Assistant (PTA) degree in 1997 and graduated with Honors. She maintains her PTA licensure, but only provides injury prevention services.

Will Benevidez

Will Benevidez


Wilfredo (Will) Benitez is a performance nutritionist located in Portland, Oregon and is the head nutritionist and founder of On Pace Wellness, LLC. Will and his team believes that nutritional optimization is a process that involves sustainable behavioral changes and practices. On Pace Wellness works primarily with those who enjoy or want to enjoy an active lifestyle, helping them to optimize their nutrition to elevate performance and health. As a performance nutritionist, a certified running coach, and an athlete himself, Will understands the athlete mindset, what it’s like to pursue athletic goals, and how to balance the pursuit of those goals with other responsibilities. In addition to performance nutrition, the other OPW nutritionists help people with hormonal balancing, gut health, balancing hormones, and more.

Wilfredo Benitez, MScN, M.Ed.
Nutritionist, On Pace Wellness LLC
Now Recruiting Therapists, Coaches & Trainers

Now Recruiting Therapists, Coaches & Trainers

Athena, like many health and wellness practices, has gone through many changes since COVID safety and prevention forced closure of all of our partner gyms. We are excited about our transition to mobile practice in SW Utah as well as the return to travel with our pro athletes. We are most excited about restarting our bootcamps for runners and climbers across the U.S. If you are an experienced trainer, sports nutritionist, body worker, or guide, we’d love to hear from you!


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